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Lone Wolf K9 Rescue

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Lone Wolf K9 Rescue

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Here at lone wolf K9 rescue we work with other organisations to save dogs that are on death row, in overcapacity pounds, throughout New South Wales.

Our mission is to work with the community to bring down the number of dogs in pounds and help people more better so that this is not an issue in the future.

Our motto is

No paw’s left behind🐾

At the moment We only take in a maximum of 14 dogs that are time and kittens here and there depending on the amount of dogs we have.we do it this way so we do not become overrun and put ourselves in a situation where the animals are worse off than where they were.

I firstly taking interest in this matter and my goal is to make sure that each and every one of these dogs finds there forever home and if there forever home has a situation come up they will always be welcome to come back so we can start the process again and find them another home, as I said our motto is no paw’s left behind.


Adoption process

We are very strict with our adoption process.