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Last Chance of Hope


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Last Chance of Hope

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NSW, Australia

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Last Chance of Hope is a NO KILL animal welfare organisation founded in 2014 to help fight the large numbers of abandoned homeless cats & kittens throughout Sydney.

We are a volunteer run organisation dedicated to rescuing stray domestic and feral cats. We do not have a shelter to house our cats/kittens but have foster carers located throughout Sydney. 

Sadly we hear to many stories of cats/kittens left behind to fend for themselves. Many of these strays are starving and in need of medical attention.

Rescue isn’t glamorous. It’s about comforting a scared cat whose owners abandoned it, or who was abused, injured or starved. It is about restoring hope & love when no one else cares.

Our mission is to provide a second chance to those in need by improving the quality of life until they find a home to call their own.

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