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LAOKO Snowy Mountains Wildlife Rescue


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LAOKO Snowy Mountains Wildlife Rescue

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Cooma NSW, Australia

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Here at LAOKO (Looking After Our Kosciuszko Orphans) we are a not-for-profit wildlife rescue group based in the Snowy Monaro region of NSW. FormedĀ in 1978 we are the second longest running wildlife rescue group in NSW.

Our group of trained volunteer carers assist in the rescue and care of native wildlife in the local area. Each year hundreds of native animals are injured or killed as a result of car accidents, dog attacks and human intervention in the form of unauthorised culling. Many young animals as a result are left orphaned and our organisation assists in the raising of these orphans and rehabilitating for release back into the wild. If you find an injured animal in our area, please contact us as soon as possible on (02) 6456 1313.

Adoption process

Animals are brought into a wildlife coordinator and assessed. If they require medical attention, they are taken to a vet for treatment. If not, they are given to a carer. Once animals are treated by a vet they are given to a carer who is experienced with caring for animals who require intensive treatment.