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Kaya’s Mission is a registered charity (non for profit organisation) with the primary aim to rehouse dogs from breeding establishments. Our objective is to take these dogs into our home for however long it takes to socialise and regain trust before searching for a suitable, loving and stable home for them. At times this can be a lengthy and costly process for us as these little dogs in most cases will require de-sexing, vaccinating, microchipping and any other problems cared for before they are rehoused.

This is why we fundraise or ask for donations. We are always searching for wonderful homes or foster carers for short term placements.

Theses dogs are very special and deserving of a warm bed, good nutritious food and most of all love, trust and patience from their new owners. If you think you have these qualities and capabilities, would like more information of dogs currently available for adoption or would simply like to know how you can help our cause please contact us [email protected]
We would love to hear from you!

Let’s make it possible for these little dogs to become somebody’s pet!


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