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Gold Coast Queensland, Australia

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We take on all large and XL breeds such as Rottweilers, Neapolitan Mastiffs, Mastiffs, Great Danes etc as we believe they are the most misunderstood breeds and need the extra help to find their forever homes. We try to take on the dogs that need us most, E.G we’ve taken on a Great Dane needing $8000 worth of leg surgeries (ruptured cruciate ligaments and arthritis). We source our dogs mainly from high kill pounds with the odd surrender dogs

We are a foster based rescue and have a small data base of genuine foster carers that help us with these misunderstood in some cases sickly and abused dogs. Our foster carers do a great job at helping us rehabilitate animals.

We have a great relationship with our vet “Animal Options, Ormeau” the team is highly experienced and very animal friendly. Our vet does recommend that the large breed puppies are desexed after 6 months of age, we do desexing agreements with our adopters to ensure the dog is desexed at our vet when the animal reaches 6 months. The desexing fee is included in their adoption fee.

We also have a great relationship with the Ormeau community and are supported by our local produce shop, these lovely people help us with anything we need, including fundraisers etc.

If you need to contact us please bare in mind that I work full time. Email would be preferred, if a phone interview is needed please let me know and I can arrange for my admin to contact you.

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