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Just Cats

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Mowbray TAS 7248, Australia

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Just Cats Tasmania Inc. (Just Cats) was founded in 2012 by Rachel Beech when she rescued and rehomed a mother cat and litter of kittens which had been found by a local farmer. Since that time the organization has been registered as a Charity with DGR status and has taken in and rehomed some 6200 cats and kittens. The organization’s growth has been spectacular to the point that it now employs 7 staff, has a Board of 6 professional businesswomen,  49 Volunteers and 36 Foster Carers.  In November 2018 we opened a larger, fit for purpose Shelter which is our adoption, viewing and retail shop at our Longford site. This Shelter is situated near the township of Longford in Northern Tasmania and a short 15 minute drive from the centre of Launceston. The peaceful surrounds of the acreage property on which it is located seems to suit our cat residents as they come to terms with the shelter environment and the regular public visitors. In addition we locate a number of cats and kittens for adoption at the PetStock retail outlet in Invermay and have recently developed a further adoption area at our Mowbray Shelter.

In January 2019 Just Cats took another giant leap forward and took over the RSPCA Cat Shelter facilities at Remount Rd, Mowbray. This opportunity arose as the RSPCA in Tasmania (ex Spreyton) moved away from providing Shelter facilities for animals to focus on animal inspectorate (cruelty) cases only. This meant there was a gaping hole in the Community for surrendered and rescued Cats which had previously been taken to the RSPCA. The Launceston City Council sought Expressions of Interest and Just Cats was successful in securing a portion of the buildings at the ex RSPCA Remount Road site from which to operate a Cat and kitten surrender facility. This site has now been operating for 12 months most successfully albeit we have doubled the intake of cats and kittens, doubled the Veterinary Costs and associated expenses in the care of the shelter residents and have had to triple the number of Volunteers while minimizing the paid workforce numbers wherever possible.

As well as finding loving homes for stray, unowned, rescued and surrendered cats Just Cats also offers all cat owners affordable desexing, vaccinating and microchipping. These services are available through Just Cat’s strong relationship with partner Veterinary practices in Burnie and Launceston.

We adhere to The Five Freedoms as the basis for all animals in our care. These are well understood and used by governments and animal welfare organisations worldwide.

●       Freedom from hunger and thirst

●       Freedom from pain, injury and disease

●       Freedom from discomfort

●       Freedom to express normal behaviour

●       Freedom from fear and distress

Adoption process

We have 2 Shelters – one at 593 Pateena Rd , Longford and the other at Cavalry Road Mowbray. Adoptions are available at both sites as well as Petstock at Invermay. All cats and kittens are desexed, microchipped, wormed and vaccinated before adoption.Refer to our website for cats and kittens available for adoption.