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Inner City Strays Inc is a group of dedicated volunteers in Sydney caring for stray cat colonies and actively rehoming the cats. All cats are taken into our homes for fostering until homed. Our work involves reducing stray numbers by rescuing young kittens and cats from various places around the inner city area of Sydney. We provide them with health checks and necessary veterinary treatments, foster and socialise them, before adopting them out to good homes.


Adoption Process

Once one of our kitties or cats has captivated you please fill in our Expression of Interest form at

Once this is complete we will be in touch to organise a meet and greet with the kitty or cat and their foster carer.

If all goes well we ask that you consider your decision for 24 hours and then if you still wish to go ahead with the adoption you may take the kitty/cat home with you.

We offer a 2 week trial so that if for some unforseen reason things do not work out you are able to return the kitty/cat back to us.

Adoption fee covers desexing / microchippping / up to date vaccinations as well as all other foster costs

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