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Horsham People For Animal Welfare And Support Inc.


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Horsham People For Animal Welfare And Support Inc.

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Horsham VIC, Australia

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About this organisation

By supporting Horsham PAWS you are helping animals in your community.

Our Vision:

To show leadership in pursuing high standards of animal welfare in the Horsham Municipality and working towards zero overpopulation of companion animals 

Our Mission:

To promote and support the welfare of companion animals in our community through the formation of partnerships, fundraising, events, direct care and public education. 

Our Values:

In companion animals we promote: 
• Spaying, neutering and the prevention of unnecessary litters 
• Micro-chipping and registering for easy identification 
• Vaccinating against preventable diseases 
• Provision of adequate food, water, shelter, exercise, training and health care 
• Rehousing of suitable abandoned and relinquished pets

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