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Hope for Paws Animal Rescue

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Hope for Paws Animal Rescue

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Tamborine Queensland, Australia

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Hope For Paws Animal Rescue started when I met “Puppy” he was a puppy of 4 weeks old and him and his sister and brother along with their Mother wasn’t taken care of very well, as a result puppy was completely blind, 95% deaf, very little sense of smell, to top it off, he also had a hole in his heart.
I adopted Puppy. I wasn’t going to let him go to another home where he might not be looked after or let him get put down. The Vet said he was a very happy puppy if he wasn’t he would of not given a choice and put Puppy to sleep.
Puppy is now more than 4 months old, his hole in his heart has closed up, his hearing is getting better and his a little fatty, he loves his milk and his puppy mince.
My mum supports me every step of the way, she lets me have the lead but gives unconditional support and love for what I have chosen. Mums says “do what makes you happy, you may never be rich, but at least you’ll have happiness”
Mrs McKenzie from my school (Hills Educational Foundation) has encouraged me and worked with me to try everything and be a risk taker. Since I decided on doing Hope For Paws, Mrs McKenzie has helped me work it into our exhibition we are doing at school.

Hope for Paws Animal Rescue is all about saving any animal, whether they have medical problems or an unwanted gift or change of circumstances etc.  We will rescue them all.

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