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Honey’s Pledge Inc


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Honey’s Pledge Inc

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Daylesford VIC, Australia

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Honey has a special place in our hearts. She deserved so much better. Honey entrusted us to give her life meaning by working to engage the compassion in others. This is our pledge to Honey. 

Honey’s Pledge is based in central Victoria Australia.

We work with other individuals and groups to advocate on behalf of animals, to aid with the rescue of animals in need, to provide rehabilitation for animals who come into our care, and to find new forever homes for animals in need a home.

We are a no kill shelter and all animals in our care or rehomed through us will live out their natural life span unless euthanasia is recommended by a qualified vet. If this is the case euthanasia will be done with dignity and compassion and their body committed to the Earth.

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