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Rescue and Rehabilitation of dogs and cats from private surrenders, from disadvantage people (where their circumstances have changed and they can no longer care for their animals) and from shire pounds. Our commitment is to take animals from pounds and unsafe environments and rehabilitate and re-home to a safe loving environment. This involves a foster care network, vetwork completion – every animal is sterilised, vaccinated and microchipped as standard and treated for any and all medical issues they may have. We have had a number of veterinary emergencies this last year resulting in large veterinary accounts. We have needed to call out for donations/fundraising for major surgical procedures and ongoing veterinary care. A few of the cases are listed here: 5 domestic cats in care required full dental extractions due to contracting Herpes and Calici flu virus and having gum disease. These are all fully recovered and doing well. 2 cats still require full dental extractions.Monkey, a paralysed cat, who was abused in a remote community has come into our care and is in full time foster, requiring specialised food and medications. Aged dogs, abandoned to city pounds, have come into our care and have veterinary care for multiple issues.We have also assisted other rescue groups and charities with donations of pet food and treatments to share amongst the community.

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