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Hills Radio Inc.


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Hills Radio Inc.

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Mount Barker SA, Australia

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88.9 FM Hills Radio is the “Voice of the Adelaide Hills” providing community based radio to the Adelaide Hills and Mount Barker Council areas.

From topical local talk programs of a morning to unique and fresh local bands and music we are leading the pack. Furthermore our music is refreshing and brings back music you may have thought long gone.

It’s an exciting time for anyone who lives in the districts from Crafers to Callington and Mt Pleasant to Meadows, Hills Radio has the area covered.

If you live within a 30 kilometre radius of Mount Barker, Hills Radio will likely reach you. If not we would like to hear from you.

88.9 FM Hills Radio is here for you, as a resident Hills Radio provides a voice for you and a connection to other Hills communities. Hills Radio 88.9 FM complements the existing print media outlets and the community spirit.

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