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Hear No Evil Deaf Dog Rescue

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Hear No Evil Deaf Dog Rescue

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Canberra ACT, Australia

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Hear No Evil’ Australian Deaf Dog Rescue was founded in Townsville QLD in late 2014 and was set up specifically to give deaf dogs the second chances they deserve. Although we are a relatively small organisation, we have very big hopes regarding the welfare of animals.

‘Hear No Evil’ are a Australia’s leading rescue and re-homing group for deaf and special need dogs. We are considered a No Kill rescue, that means we Do Not Euthanase dogs for space or because they have been in care too long, nor because they are deemed un-appealing to adopt.

We have a duty of care for each animal we take in as well as our carers, volunteers and the public. The only circumstances for euthanasia in our rescue is if the dog is considered mentally, or physically unsound, and this is only after professional advice from both a Qualified Dog trainer/behaviours AND a practising Veterinarian. It is not a decision taken lightly, and it is never done in haste.

We strongly believe in Quality of life, and we give every dog in our care the best chance they can to overcome any behaviour or medical issues in order to live Happy, Healthy Safe lives.

We use positive training methods of incorporating basic easy to learn hand signals to ensure our dogs have basic manners and training prior to adoption. All our dogs come desexed, microchipped and vaccinated before being adopted, as well as flea/tick treated and wormed while in our care.

We offer ongoing support to any adopting families for life. ‘Hear No Evil’ even have a partnership with an assortment of dog trainers around the country to help sort out any unwanted and unhealthy behaviours.

At ‘Hear No Evil’ we don’t just rescue and rehome, we provide information and advice to anyone who has a deaf dog, and also to those people who may be interested or considering adopting a deaf dog.

Hear No Evil would not exist without the tireless support of our dedicated volunteers and foster carers but we can always use more help. If you wish to get involved in any way, please contact ‘Hear No Evil’, there is always something you can do.

Hear No Evil is a registered charity.

Adoption process

Hear No Evil’s Adoption process:
1st Step * You contact us to obtain an adoption application, and discuss the dog of interest.
Once the application is completed and returned it will be assessed for suitability.

2nd Step * A Meet and Greet with the dog and all members of the adopting family and and current dogs is arranged where possible.
This usually coincides with a Yard check to ensure the safety and security of the property on which the dog will be kept. – We understand that this is not always possible in interstate adoptions and this will be discussed on your initial contact.

3rd Step *Payment of the Adoption fee in full. The dog is then handed over with any belongings, and all relevant paperwork and records.
Transport arrangements are the financial responsibility of the Adopting party. Hear No Evil are happy to assist with departure preparations and ensuring the dog makes its transport connection.

Final step * Once the 14 day ‘settling in’ period has ended, the change of ownership microchip details are submitted, and the adoption is officially finalised.
(more info in Terms & Conditions on Adoption form)