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Healing Hands Wildlife Care (Great Southern WA) Inc


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Healing Hands Wildlife Care (Great Southern WA) Inc

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Bayonet Head WA, Australia

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Achieving optimal outcomes for wildlife by rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing back into their natural habitat

Leave a sustainable wildlife care group of experienced carers for future generations.

We will do this by:
Connecting members to wildlife and conservation
Through education, building awareness and leading by example we will build a community in which all wildlife is treated with with respect and kindness
To have a clear code of conduct that is both legal and supportive, where direction can be given to ensure best practice of Healing Hands Wildlife Care
To have a strong foundation in the well-being of wildlife ensuring we achieve our Mission Statement
To ensure that all our members feel that Healing Hands Wildlife Care provides a personally and physically safe environment for all
To maintain up to date and relevant policies and procedures that clearly demonstrate our professional standing with documented responsibilities to achieve our aims and objectives

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