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Hahndorf Interim Animal Shelter Inc


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Hahndorf Interim Animal Shelter Inc

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Hahndorf SA, Australia

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The Hahndorf Interim Animal Shelter Inc. unofficially opened the doors in 1992 to care for abandoned dogs. In 1997 the Shelter was officially incorporated as a charity, and not for profit entity caring for cats and dogs. The founders are Sue Whelan and Dorothy Caddle who hope to re-home all pets that come through the Shelter. Some animals find homes quickly, others take longer because of needing rehabilitation, like trust, love and confidence. No animal is put down simply because it was unwanted. We would emphasize that this is an EMERGENCY Shelter for abandoned pets; we are not prepared to take pets simply because their owners do not want them anymore. We advise owners to advertise their pets.

The Shelter is run on a voluntary basis, without government funding. We rely on the generosity of the community for donations of canned and dry food, fresh bones, kitty litter, blankets and towels, toys and treats, etc. We have collection tins in many Hills shops and collection crates in many supermarkets. We always need more volunteers and it is a great way to keep fit!

Our main fundraiser is a Calendar we bring out usually in October, with stories and photos of pets we have re-homed. At $5 it is a lovely Christmas present for your friends who love animals. We aim to hold an annual 4 Paws Walk in Mount Barker in November.

The Shelter is the Pound for the District Council of Mt Barker. Many dogs are unclaimed, probably because the dog is untrained, has not been part of a family or has simply become a nuisance. These dogs often need reassurance, love and to learn respect and manners!! Often their coats are so matted and dirty that it is hard to recognize the breed. After a bath and clip, a new character emerges, free for knotty hair and far happier.

Our newsletter is full of heart-warming stories from people who have true commitment to the pets they have adopted from us.

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