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Guardians of Animals in Crisis


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Guardians of Animals in Crisis

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South MacLean QLD, Australia

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Guardians of Animals in Crisis is a confidential, not for profit organisation dedicated to working with victims of Domestic Violence and assisting in the temporary housing and emergency care of pets in crisis. We are working in conjunction with WAVSS (Working Against Violence Support Service) across the Redlands and Logan areas.

At Guardians of Animals in Crisis we understand that our pets are family members too and quite often we stay in dangerous situations simply because we do not want to leave our fur babies behind. Lots of times our animals are the first to cop the brunt of abuse, which is why it is so important to get them out to safety as well.

Guardians of Animals in Crisis will collect your fur babies whether it’s your dog, cat, horse or even your guinea pig. We will take your animal no matter what and relocate them to temporary housing to allow you to concentrate on getting yourself out of the dangerous environment and to safety. To know your animal is safe will take one burden away. We will reunite your animal with you as soon as you are safe.


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