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Greyhound Connections is a registered charity that facilitates the re-homing of retired a non-racing greyhounds in the Canberra region.
By adopting a local greyhound you will have knowledge of the dogs medical history and their racing career information. You will meet the trainer or owner of the dog you are adopting, see how they are looked after and get to know what your dog likes and doesn’t like. We will support you by assessing which dog will suit your family and lifestyle best, connecting you with trainers/breeders/owners of greyhounds who are looking for their next families and assisting in the transition phase of re-homing.
We support all lovers of the greyhound breed, as well as other hound and dog families. We facilitate fundraising activities to seek positive partnerships with others interested in participating in these activities with us.
The Greyhound Connections Board of Directors include Martina Taliano, Samantha Ball, Andrew Dunn, Ruth Mann and Carol Croce.

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