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When a greyhound is surrendered to us by the owner or trainer, it needs urgent fostering. If a home is not available at the time, then the trainer or owner usually euthanizes the greyhound or the greyhound is handed over for medical experimentation.

Foster carers teach retired greyhounds

  • love and kindness
  • to walk on a lead
  • basic obedience
  • toilet training
  • domestication

We also assess its personality in order to match it with a new owner. Often the dogs haven’t been treated well and we try to show the greyhound trust, loyalty and most of all love and kindness before they are adopted.

In order to save more dogs, foster homes are essential and urgently needed. If you could foster, even short term, lives will be saved. Sometimes a stay of execution, even for a few days will enable us to accept a greyhound. It’s heartbreaking to have to say “NO” to a lovely, affectionate greyhound when a temporary home is not available.

If you could foster, please talk to one of our volunteers here today. If you are keen to foster in the short or long term we would give you all the support and help that you require to give a greyhound a temporary home until the greyhound is adopted to a permanent home.

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