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Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue


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Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue

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Labrador QLD, Australia

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Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue began as a small shelter in the back garden of a suburban block of flats in Southport in December 2005. The shelter was started in response to the large number of guinea pigs being surrendered to the Animal Welfare League. I was a volunteer at AWL at the time, helping with the cats, and when I realised the enormity of the problem in regard to guinea pigs I felt I had to do something about it. I’d never had guinea pigs as pets but as an all round animal lover I couldn’t bear to see these little creatures just abandoned. I have to say I never set out to have the large scale shelter we have today but once word got out there was “a guinea pig lady” taking people’s unwanted pets, the phone started ringing and eleven years later it hasn’t stopped!

In September 2014 we opened our combined Op Shop/Small Animal Supplies Shop in Labrador. After operating five days a week for two years I was pretty much burnt out so I decided to close the shop and concentrate on running the shelter. 

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