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GG Wildlife Rescue Inc

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GG Wildlife Rescue Inc

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Mount Hill WA, Australia

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GG Wildlife Rescue is a non for profit rescue services for all Native animals needing assistance. We work with DCBA & RSPCA locally on venomous snake removal, wildlife Rescue & rehabilitation .

Our 3 Rs are Rescue**Rehabilitate ** Release **
Thanks for caring for our Wildlife, they need us !
Please Do NOT feed a rescued animal anything until you have got advice from a Licensed Carer

We always have kangaroo joeys in care & they stay with us for up to 18 months in care and are then soft released.

Kangaroo formula is made up of 4 litres daily fed out to our orphans .

Teats and kangaroo bottles are expensive , as is hay & muslie .

Any assistance is so appreciated .

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