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Flying Fox Rescue and Release Noosa Inc

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Flying Fox Rescue and Release Noosa Inc

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Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia

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Flying Fox Rescue Noosa Inc. is a not for profit association staffed entirely by volunteers.  We are dependent Upon the generous donations of corporations and members of the public who understand the value in both what we do, and what our marvelous bats (flying foxes and micro bats) do for our environment.

Our mission is to:

Rescue and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned flying-foxes and release them safely back to the wild.
Promote the conservation of bats and their native habitat.
Provide information and education to the general public on the essential role they play in maintaining the diversity of our forests and the health and vigour of our natural ecosystems.
We have a Queensland state licensed release site  (awarded 2009) and have  a federal government license under the Australian Bat and Bird Banding Scheme to band our rehabilitated flying foxes on release.

Most of all, we love our bats and hope that through this site and our work, you will learn to love them too.

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