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Fetching Dogs Incorporated


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Fetching Dogs Incorporated

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Razorback NSW, Australia

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Fetching Dogs is dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of of dogs, regardless of breed, breed label, or age. This page is run by volunteers who may not know the answer to your questions.

Here is some important info to note:

1. Unless the dog/puppy has come to us with pedigree papers we don’t know what breed it is, your guess is as good as ours.

2. Everything we know about the dog’s temperament will be written in it’s profile. If the dog isn’t listed not on our website yet it means it hasn’t been in care long enough for us to get to know the dog and what home it would be best suited to.

3. We don’t adopt on a first come first served basis. We adopt to the home we feel is the best match.

4. If the dog has a listing on our website please send an adoption application. http://www.fetchingdogs.com.au/adopt/dog-adoption-enquiry/

5. If there is no listing yet, and you have a question, please use the contact form on our website (as opposed to posting on our FB wall or asking us to PM you). http://www.fetchingdogs.com.au/contact/

5. All enquiries go to one person who works a full time job so please be patient. Got questions?

Check out our FAQ: http://www.fetchingdogs.com.au/faq Comments and views expressed by contributors to our Facebook Page are theirs alone, not Fetching Dogs’, and we take no responsibility for their views, comments, or actions. We reserve the right to remove any comments.

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