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Fawna (NSW) Inc


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Fawna (NSW) Inc

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FAWNA provides a wildlife rescue service to the community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


FAWNA receives no formal funding to carry out its vital wildlife rescue, relocation and rehabilitation work. Our area of rescues covers over 18 000 sq. kilometres.

FAWNA relies on membership subscriptions and its own fundraising activities, augmented by public donations. All activities are totally voluntary and no salaries are paid. All members work from their own homes and FAWNA does not operate any premises.

FAWNA maintains a Carer’s Support Fund to provide assistance to members where they have unusually high costs associated with caring for disadvantaged fauna.

Members need specialized equipment in their rehabilitation work – heat pads, temperature controllers, animal bedding, carry cages, enclosures, medications and particular foodstuffs that provide the correct dietary balance for these creatures of the wild. Utility bills, telephone and vehicle costs, library expenses and training all add up to a hefty personal bill for wildlife carers.

FAWNA prides itself on keeping its administrative expenses to the minimum to enable its funds to directly benefit the wildlife through veterinary costs, provision of appropriate housing for wildlife and bulk purchases of wildlife food formulae for use by carers. National Parks and Wildlife Service Mid North Coast and Hunter Regions provides a small annual grant, and other office support services, to assist with FAWNA’s administration.

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