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Hello & welcome to Express Wildlife Rescue.  My name is Andrea, and along with the help of my volunteers I run a not-for-profit wildlife organization based in Perth, Western Australia. 

We rescue & rehabilitate injured and sick wildlife, releasing the animals back into the wild when we can. Sometimes they are just too sick, and they have to be re homed with long-term loving foster carers who continue to look after them.

Many of our animals come to us in a poor condition. Often malnourished, sick or injured, we provide them with veterinary care and 24 hour love needed to return them to good health.

We specialize in looking after orphaned kangaroos & possums, wild birds and reptiles and we can attend a number of call outs everyday to sick or injured animals.  Above is a picture of one of our rescued roos, Monopoly.  His mother was shot and he was poisoned when he was just a baby.  Express Wildlife rescued and cared for him for as they do so many other orphans. 

My team and I are very passionate about our native Australian Wildlife, and our aim is to make sure it is still here in generations to come for our children, grandchildren & great grandchildren to enjoy. To continue our valuable work we rely on our volunteers and supporters, who help us by giving up their time to help in our animal care center, 

In addition, I am a licenced snake catcher charging a nominal fee to remove and relocate unwanted visitors. Please visit our ‘Snake Removal’ page for more information on the types of snakes we have caught & for advice on snake bites.  

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