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Equine Action Qld is a not for profit organisation dedicated to improving the welfare standards of equines within Australia. By raising awareness, dispelling myth and encouraging cultural change, it is our vision that one day all equines will enjoy optimal care not just the fortunate few.

Since time began one of the most significant relationships has been between man and horse, be it for food, strength, transport, leisure, sport and entertainment; the horse has always served man. Civilisations have been built, wars have been fought, billions of kilometres travelled, fields have been ploughed and food has been provided all thanks to the horse. Despite our survival no longer being dependent on the horse, Australia has more horses than ever before. It is a sad fact that there are many more horses than knowledgeable homes available, consequently many Australian horses have their welfare severely compromised.

EAQ recognises that there is no quick fix to this problem. Culturally our nation will have to change, Legislation will have to pass through Government but as an ancient Chinese Proverb states “A journey of 1000klms begins with a single step”. By networking with individuals, organisations and communities, we strive to promote sustainable lasting change.

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