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Walwa VIC, Australia

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Lea Ash and Doug Henderson accidentally started “Dunroamin” in late 2014 when they rescued Penny the cat, an escapee from Wagga Pound who moved to Walwa and promptly produced five kittens. Penny leads a parade of several hundred homeless cats and dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes from across the country who have since been happily homed.

We Rescue from various pounds across the Riverina  and the Snowy region and others seeking to re-home pets.

They are fortunate to have the help and full support of David Hall’s Vet Practice, whose staff give every animal its best chance for a better life. Walwa Vets look after dogs and cats from all over NSW and Northern Victoria through the support of the aforementioned groups, as well as three other NSW rescue groups, covering as far afield as Walgett and Lightning Ridge, also Riverina Rescue and Canberra Pooch.

 Some of the animals now live locally, others have travelled to new homes as far as Melbourne, Geelong,Townsville and Perth. Some of the animals have travelled just as far to get to Dunroamin e.g. from Sydney and Queensland. Elena Bettio and her family have also caught the foster bug. They started with hand raising a litter of five kittens when Lea was unavailable. They continue to support Animal rescue taking cats in need into care.

 The Dunroamin Facebook page features Rusty, resident rescue legend. Lea and Doug were in Tasmania when they became aware of a dog in desperate need in Walgett Pound. After being rescued by a local Ranger, a malnourished Rusty was living with two crushed hind legs and a coat covered in ticks and fuel. The ranger could see that in spite of his injuries, Rusty was a happy fella and deserved a chance at a better life. Dave Hall is renowned in the Rescue world for his work with animals that others give up on, so Rusty came to Walwa where it was known he would get vet Care “second to none”. Rusty now lives at Dunroamin, often on his trampoline bed in front of the fire, pain free, living the dream…. And inspiring the saving, rehabilitation and re -homing of less fortunate animals that are unnecessarily euthanized.


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