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Dubbo City Animal Shelter


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Dubbo City Animal Shelter

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Dubbo New South Wales, Australia

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The Shelter is a holding facility for lost cats and dogs while the owners are found. Unclaimed cats and dogs are also available for adoption.

The Dubbo City Animal Shelter and Wellington Pound are managed by Dubbo Regional Council since the Councils amalgamated in May 2016.

Opening hours are limited to allow staff to provide appropriate care to the animals currently in care. After hours drop off pens are available near the entrance if you have found a stray animal. Pens are checked daily.

Surrenders are also accepted however these should be surrendered during opening hours. De-sexing your pet will prevent unwanted litters.

Identified animals are kept for 14 days, unidentified animals are kept for 7 days before being able to be rehomed if suitable.

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