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Discount Pet Meds

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Discount Pet Meds

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500 North Rocks Road, Carlingford New South Wales 2118, Australia

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At Discount Pet Meds we provide quality medication at discounted prices, because we care for your pet’s health and wellbeing.

You go to your local pharmacy for your medications because you trust your pharmacist, and it’s no different for your pets.

We carry all branded medications sold at your vet’s.

As a licensed pharmacy, we only dispense medicines registered by the TGA/APVMA, meaning they are approved for sale within Australia (the same exact medications sold by your veterinarian).

As with all licensed pharmacies, our products and facilities are regularly inspected. Our pet pharmacy takes the same special care with your pet’s prescriptions as your local pharmacy takes with your own prescriptions. We:

– Ensure the accurate dispensing of your pet’s prescriptions
– Ensure products have valid expiration dates
– Suggest generics to help you save money

We are here to make your Pet Medication more affordable.

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