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Cavy Central – ACS Sydney

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Cavy Central – ACS Sydney

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Mount Colah NSW, Australia

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Cavy Central is the largest, oldest and fully dedicated shelter based in Sydney that rescues and rehomes guinea pigs, whether abandoned, injured, mistreated, or through circumstance where they need to find a new safe home. Guinea pigs are thought of as a childs first pet and can live for 8 years or more – but frequently are locked up, forgotton, starved and neglected.

Lyn at Cavy Central tries to educate people about guinea pig care and housing and assists these small animals when there is no one else.

Cavy Central covers the Sydney area and represents The Australian Cavy Sanctuary in nsw and aims to improve the love and awareness of Guinea Pigs.

Urgent animal assistance – please contact by phone or [email protected] or check the website www.guineapigstuff.com for loads of information. You will also find https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcpR7B2OeoYN_AXyrtp6dyA on youtube with loads of video help.

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