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Cat Protection Society NSW


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Cat Protection Society NSW

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Newtown NSW, Australia

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About this organisation

Cat Protection began in 1958, as a small group of people dedicated to reducing the number of stray cats by desexing and finding loving and responsible homes for street cats.

Our vision remains the same – that every cat has a loving and responsible home – but we now offer a range of feline care services from our purpose-designed, no-kill shelter in Newtown.

We are an independent charity operating only in NSW.

We’re not a subsidiary of any other organisation and we don’t have branches.

Structured as an association under the NSW Associations Incorporation Act, with a Board (committee) elected by the membership, our independently audited accounts are submitted to our AGM and the Director-General of Fair Trading each year.


Adoption process

what you need to know before adopting
Bringing a cat or kitten into your family is a big responsibility and a commitment to care for the cat for their lifetime (which could be anywhere from 15 years to 20 plus).

We never adopt cats as gifts. You can purchase a gift certificate for someone or bring the person with you.

There may be exceptional circumstances where a person needs to adopt a cat on someone else’s behalf. If this is the case, please phone us on 02 9557 4818 before visiting so we can discuss the situation with you.

Before you decide to adopt a cat, we recommend you read this document on the cost of owning a cat.

If you’ve never had a cat before, make sure you aren’t allergic. Simply spending lots of time with other people’s cats should indicate whether or not you are allergic. For more information, read our factsheet on allergies.

Due to the recent outbreak of the Feline Panleukopaenia Virus in Sydney, as a precaution we are asking anyone who has a cat or cats at home to bring along a copy of their cat’s current vaccination certificate. This new measure is to highlight the importance of vaccination for all cats and kittens and safeguard against the spread of FPV.

When you’re ready to give a cat a forever home:

Our adoption centre is at 103 Enmore Road, Newtown (opposite the Enmore Theatre)
We’re open for adoptions seven days a week; see below for opening hours
Allow yourself plenty of time – adoptions can take between one and two hours
Bring identification with your name and address
Bring all the people in the household – it’s important that everyone gets along
You will need to complete an adoption questionnaire on the day
If you have a pet carrier (cardboard boxes are NOT suitable) bring it with you, or you can buy one here, and make arrangements to safely transport your new cat home
Finding the perfect feline friend takes time, please be aware that Saturdays and Sundays are our busiest days and there may be waiting times, we recommend arriving early to avoid disappointment.
You can buy everything you’ll need for your new cat or kitten from us on the day: food, litter trays & kitty litter etc. You will receive a complimentary bag of adult or kitten Science Diet dry food and the booklet Your New Cat, with all the information you’ll need to help settle in your new family member.

Take advantage of these great offers:

Kitten starter pack $150 – value $180

Includes: Science Diet kitten tin or sachet, Oz-Pet sieve litter tray, 1.5 ltr Oz-Pet kitty litter, plastic double bowl, 4 cat toys, small scratch activity centre, flat cat bed, cat carrier plus one year membership of Cat Protection.

Adult pack $250 – value $305

Includes: Science Diet adult tin or sachet, stoneware bowl, plastic double bowl, hooded litter tray, 7 ltr crystal kitty litter, litter scoop, 4 cat toys, catnip sack, scratch post, cat bed, cat carrier plus one year membership of Cat Protection.

Advantage pack $250 – value $300

Includes: Advantage flea treatment (4 month pack), Science Diet adult tin or sachet, stoneware bowl, plastic double bowl, hooded litter tray, 7 ltr crystal kitty litter, litter scoop, 4 cat toys, catnip sack, scratch post, cat bed plus one year membership of Cat Protection.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t find the ‘right’ cat on your first visit. Remember, you and your cat will be spending many years together: you want a perfect match. Your adoption questionnaire will be placed on file and you can visit as many times as you like until you meet your purr-fect companion.

Please feel free to phone our adoption centre with any questions you may have, before or after adopting, on 02 9557 4818.