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Cat People of Melbourne


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Cat People of Melbourne

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VIC, Australia

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Welfare • Advocacy • Rehoming • Support • for rescue cats and the people who care for them.

Cat People is a private enterprise that advocates for cat welfare in the greater Melbourne area. We are all volunteers and we donate our time, money, and resources to save the lives of cats in the Melbourne, Victoria area. While we do have the support of local vets, all our expenses are paid out of our own pockets.

The Cat People of Melbourne grew out of a need for a support structure for the people who provide temporary homes for street cats and orphaned kittens and help them be rehomed. More importantly, Cat People is a support network for their caregivers and adopters.

We are now working to become a fully-accredited non-profit, which will allow our members to reach out to the community for support and open new avenues for feline companions to find loving, forever homes.

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