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Cat Defence Network Incorporated


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Cat Defence Network Incorporated

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Sydney NSW, Australia

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Cat Defence is a desexing agency.  We arrange desexing at discount prices.  We help those with limited incomes and who are often most in need of animal companionship to desex their animals as well as the desexing of stray and colony cats.

We are a no Kill organization which means we do not kill healthy or treatable cats.

We are a very small group with only a handful of members doing the hands on work.  We do not go out picking up or trapping cats.

In 2012 we had to stop taking cats into our care.  We have approximately 150 cats that are permanently with us.  These cats will not be rehomed as they are old or have medical or behavioural problems.  These cats are spread between only a few committed members.  We do have to respect Council’s rules and be considerate of neighbours.  The cost of their care is quite high.

We rehome kittens from rural areas where there is little help or hope for them.  These kittens are picked up and driven to a member’s home.  The kittens are then taken to their pre-arranged places at our “no kill” vets and put up for adoption.

We receive no government funding.  Our funding comes from donations from our members and our fundraising activities.

We have no paid employees and spend very little on the running costs of our organization.  The majority of our expenses are met by donations from members and supporters.

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