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Caspers Bird Rescue Incorporated


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Caspers Bird Rescue Incorporated

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Elizabeth North SA, Australia

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We are a not-for-profit organization based in Adelaide, South Australia, dedicated to protecting the welfare of all birds. We provide short & long term care for wild birds, as well as lost & unwanted pets.

Caspers rescue was founded in May of 2016 and is a NFP charity dedicated to the welfare of ALL birds. We have one of the most amazing teams around. Our work is to provide these birds with a safe and loving environment while they recover from illness and or injury. We also house lost pets and work tirelessly to find their owners. Unless you are an approved carer, please refrain from advice on the page. While you may have vast knowledge, please leave this to us. Once a bird is posted to Caspers page, the welfare of them is STRICTLY upon us. NO exceptions to this thanks. There is an adoption program with strict conditions available for non release birds. If interested in Adoption please contact Sarah King who will point you in the right direction. WE ARE NOT A PET SHOP! AS COSTS ARE HIGH with food, housing, veterinary care and transportation any donation will never go unnoticed. Food, blankets and towels also appreciated. paypal –[email protected] Direct Deposit – Caspers Bird Rescue Inc BSB 085180 ACC 414039263

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