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CARMAR-Campaspe And River Murray Animal Rehoming

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CARMAR-Campaspe And River Murray Animal Rehoming

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Campaspe and Murray River Shires (Echuca/Moama & Surrounds)

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Here’s a little bit about us.

CARMAR is an acronym for;

Campaspe and River Murray Animal Rehoming.

And we are a community based, not for
profit, animal welfare organisation based in Echuca, Victoria. We rescue, foster and
rehome, reliquinshed and surrendered companion animals.
We are an ethical, honest, accountable and transparent animal rescue and welfare
service with a Pro Life – ‘no kill’ policy, serving the communities of Northern Victoria
and Southern New South Wales.

We aim to work with other animal rescue groups, animal shelters, local councils and
wildlife rescue groups.
All animals in our care are treated with respect, kindness, dignity and love.

They are cared for in our homes and treated like a part of the family.

Animals in our care have access to quality veterinary care, food and shelter.

It is our commitment to responsibly rehome every animal that comes into our care.

We take the time to find suitable and loving forever homes.

We aim to promote responsible pet ownership and be a voice for the rights and welfare
of all animals.

We rely solely on fundraising, dontations, community grants and generous support to
fulfil our commitment.
All donations of food, bedding and supplies plus monetary donations are greatly
appreciated and accepted with much thanks.

Bank account details:

Campaspe and River Murray Animal Rehoming

BSB: 633-000
Acc: 159002864

Fundraising dates to remember-

Saturday 2nd November – Bunnings Cake Stall Sunday 3rd November – Moama Market Sunday 8th December – Moama Market

Saturday 14th December – Bunnings Cake Stall.
*Fundraising dates subject to change.

CARMAR Community.
Australians love their pets. But we understand that not all dogs and cats are as lucky as yours. Every year, hundreds of thousands of pets are lost or abandoned across the country, and find themselves relying on rescue organisations to provide them with the food, shelter and the love they need to survive. One day, they hope to paw their way back into a loving family’s hearts.

Until then, CARMAR strives to help out the unsung heroes; animal rescuers that dedicate their time and efforts into re-homing some very special creatures.

CARMAR is active in the animal community and strives to help out these less fortunate dogs and cats where possible – whether it’s in the form of food, medication, or simply spreading the word. If you are looking to add a new companion to your family, choose rescue.

Social media sites and Contact details;

Mobile 0447727439

Email [email protected]




We currently have 14 animals in foster care spread out over 7 foster carers, and yes, we are always looking for more people willing to give animal foster caring a try!

All the cats and canines that come into CARMAR care are surrendered to us.
As a registered rehoming group we are goverened by Victorian state lows that prohibit us from taking in lost,stray or dumped animals.Only the local pounds and shire rangers have the authority to take in those animals.
Having said that , we do work in with local council shelters who “surrender” or sign over animals that have been in their facilities for the obligatory 8/14 days.

But most animals we take into CARMAR care are surrendered via owners that can no longer care for their animals for a “myriad” of reasons.

And we provide the pawfect environment for a cat or canine to settle, feel safe, recieve all the Veterinary care and training they need to blossom into the companion animal we can rehome into the pawfect home!

But we can’t do it all on our own, we need funding to pay for all the Veterinary care and petfood.
CARMAR have a very dedicated team of volunteers who consistently organise and work at all our fundraising events.
But we are always looking for more volunteer to help at these events.

Our main goal is to eventually set up and maintain a low income pet desexing network.But to do this, we need to loby ,support, apply and recieve consistent monetary grants to fund such an opperation.

There is a network that is doing just that, but we need to get ALL our local Veterinary clinics onboard.

The NDN, National Desexing Network.
Is an organization that is trying to get all veterinary clinic around Australia onboard.

They understand the problem at the root cause.
Desex your pets and help stop, strays, ferals, injuries, deseases, and backyard breeders.

Our adoption process.
We require a completed expression of interest form prior to an initial meet and greet.

A downloadable expression of interest form can be found a www.carmar.net.au.
Or you can click on the petrescue link below and follow the prompts.

We may request a property inspection before adoption is finalised.

Kindest regards,
Mez McCubbin from
Campaspe And River Murray Animal Rehoming
Please contact us via email at
[email protected]

Or mobile 0447727439

*Note [email protected]
is an old email address

Adoption process

CARMARs adoption process.

“Just a friendly reminder, if you are interested in any of our cats and canines that are ready for adoption please follow our process below.
Please also be aware we are all volunteers and have full time jobs else where.
Thankyou for your patience.
Kindest regards,
Team CARMAR☯️🐈💞🐕

Our Adoption process is as follows;
Once prospective people see one or more of our cats or canines ready for adoption on one or more of our social media sites or in real life out on the streets with our foster carers ,
Team CARMAR require a completed Expression of Interest form (EOI)which can be downloaded from our web page at
Or click on our Petrescue link below and follow the prompts.

On a weekly basis team CARMAR go through ALL EOIs (expression of Interest forms)…we then contact the ones we feel are worthy of follow up information…including lengthy & multiple phone conversations and either photos or videos of backyards and inside homes…if prospective adoptors live in the local area we may do home and yard inspections .we then organise meet and greets.
ONLY after all these requirements are met, do we allow an adoption to progress to the 14 day cooling off period..
We hope this answers some of your questions?
Adoption fees
Adult Cats $50
Dogs $400
Feel free to ask as many questions as you like.
Kindest regards