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CARE for pets


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CARE for pets

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Kahibah New South Wales, Australia

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Companion Care Foundation provides support and funding to not-for-profit organisations and community groups whose programs and initiatives address the needs of people living with pets.

Since 2010 we have supported the Companion CARE for Pets program – located in the Lower Hunter region of NSW – and are planning to extend our support to other groups and other locations:

Your group may be working or planning to work with:

  • Aged or incapacitated people living with pets

  • Domestic violence victims – pets

  • Homeless pet owner assistance

  • Pets of patients programs

  • Patient-carers with pets

  • Mental health patients with pets

  • Educational pet programs

  • Etc.

We plan to open applications for grants to support groups endeavouring to provide assistance in the areas of care listed above or in some other pet related program – you’ll have the opportunity to tell us what you are doing or hope to do.

Companion Care Foundation is a registered charity ABN 26 143 068 562 with DGR Status (Donations are tax deductible)

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