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Capricorn Animal Aid Organisation Inc


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Capricorn Animal Aid Organisation Inc

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Rockhampton QLD, Australia

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Here at Capricorn Animal Aid (CAA) we care about those unwanted, stray, neglected and abused animals and feel that every one of them deserves the opportunity to have a caring and loving forever home.​ 
Capricorn Animal Aid Organisation Inc (CAA) was founded in September 1998 when it was recognised that there was a desperate need for an organisation to meet the needs of abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats in the Rockhampton area. 
CAA provides care and attention (including veterinary care, shelter and food) to unwanted, stray, neglected and abused animals. CAA does not have a shelter. All animals are ‘fostered’ by generous and caring volunteers who provide a home and lots of love to the animals in their care until they find new human companions to share their lives with. 
CAA is not subsidised in any way. We are run by volunteers. Funding comes from the generosity of the people of Central Queensland through donations, membership and support of our various fundraising activities. 
CAA is a registered charity and incorporated association.

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