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Campus Cats NSW


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Campus Cats NSW

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Kensington NSW, Australia

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The Campus Cat Coalition comprises UNSW Australia staff, students, residents and community volunteers. Our mission is to carry out a maintenance program to manage and reduce the stray cat population on campus in the most humane way. The Campus Cat Coalition provides a viable alternative to euthanasia through spay/neuter, vaccination, release, feeding, and adoption of socialised cats and kittens.

Cats and kittens are humanely trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated and either rehomed wherever possible or released back into their campus territory where they are fed and monitored by our volunteers.
Unclaimed tame strays and any kittens are boarded or fostered until homes are found. No cats are euthanased, except as warranted by a veterinarian to relieve suffering.

Studies have proven that this method of control involving trap/spay-neuter/vaccinate/release is the single most effective and successful method of stabilising, maintaining and eventually reducing the healthy stray cat population that lives on campus.

We also endeavour to promote community awareness of the responsible care and treatment of animals.

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