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Boxer Rescue Network

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Campbelltown NSW, Australia

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BOXER RESCUE NETWORK AUSTRALIA – the only Australia wide Boxer Rescue!
ABN 46 139 960 542

We are a registered charity thriving to help as many boxers in Australia as we can.
We have no shelter as we believe no boxer should be locked up in a cage all day long. Instead we work with a network of foster carers so that our dogs can always stay with a family.


Please check regularly our photo album “Available for Adoption” which will be updated every day.
Oftentimes we are trying to find foster carers for dogs and once found many of these dogs never make it to our photo album “Available for Adoption” because the foster carer fell in love with the dog and adopted the boxer. Please consider fostering before adoption.

If you are also interested in adopting a boxer cross, please join our sister group Boxer Rescue Network Australia Chat where we also list boxer crosses.


Thanks for not using Gumtree and the likes or giving your dog to the pound!
Please check our our Surrender Process Guide: https://boxerrescuenetwork.wordpress.com/surrender-process-guide/


Boxers are being surrendered nearly every day and some of them even end up in pounds who only have an obligation to keep the dog for a certain amount of days before the dog becomes council property. Unfortunately many pounds still have a kill policy and we are trying out utmost to save those dogs from there.
Please help us help the dogs, if you believe you can foster a boxer then fill in our foster carer application form: https://boxerrescuenetwork.wordpress.com/foster-application


Our general adoption fee covers the vet costs for desexing, vaccinating and microchipping, but often we get dogs into our care with further health or behavioural issues and extra money is needed to look properly after them. Other dogs need transport from remote locations and we rely on donations to be able to help those dogs as well.

Please give as much as you believe our efforts are worth it and you can afford without jeopardising the wellbeing of your own dogs, every dollar counts. Some people opt for regular payments, others give now and then, we are grateful for every bit. It does help the dogs in need and that is all that counts.

Here are our bank details:
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited
BSB: 633000
Account No.: 160793295
Account Name: Boxer Rescue Network Australia

Alternatively you can send us money via paypal to our email [email protected]
PLEASE NOTE: If paying via PayPal please select “Gift” and NOT “purchase” or Paypal will deduct a fee.

For chatting about boxers please join our sister group Boxer Rescue Network Chat, there we welcome your stories: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BRNchat/

Every boxer saved from death row is worth it!

[email protected]


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