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Bottle for Botol Limited


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Bottle for Botol Limited

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Cottesloe WA, Australia

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Our oceans are drowning with 150 million tons of plastic pollution. This is a problem because plastic never goes away, harming our marine life and people. But we’re not too late. We’re making strides in helping young people change their daily habits to improve the next generation.


We deliver a planet-preserving education program that helps young people combat plastic pollution and move away from single-use plastics. For good. Over the 2017-18 financial year we worked with students at 10 schools in Indonesia to deliver our eight-lesson education program on plastic pollution.


We donated 308 stainless steel water bottles to students, teachers and school staff in Indonesia and switched the water systems at their school so they don’t have to buy drinking water wrapped in plastic pollution. Our work in Indonesia continues to be supported by some enthusiastic partner schools in Australia.


This financial year, we prevented more than 37,000 plastic cups from entering Indonesian waste streams, bringing our total to more than 4 million cups to date. Read our latest Annual Report Here: https://www.bottleforbotol.org/annual-reports.html

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