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The Blue Cross Animals Society is a not for profit, completely self funded animal welfare organisation that for the past 30 years has specialised in the rehabilitation and readoption of injured, sick, abandoned and lost animals.

We receive no government funding our shelter relies on the kindness and generosity of the public and our loyal members to continue to operate and care for our animals.

Our shelter caters for many different species of animals, with our main focus on the readoption of dogs and cats.

All of the animals in our shelter are cared for by our team of highly skilled, caring and dedicated staff who adore the job they do and come to work each day to make a difference in the lives of animals who have found themselves in need and need understanding and most importantly, a second chance.

Our team is supported by caring and selfless volunteers who give their time each week to help make a positive impact on the animals in our care.

Our adoption process is highly personalised, with much time spent ensuring each and every member of the family (including your other animals) are happy and that your new family member will be with you for life.

All of the animals in our care are assessed on an individual basis and our team of staff will aim to rehouse each animal in their ideal home situation.

We have many different personalaity types, breeds and sizes and each animal comes with his or her own story. Our staff take a very hands on approach to rehabilitation and each dog receives basic obedience training, general socilisation along with plenty of love and affection.

Our relationship with our animals doesn’t stop once they leave the shelter and go to their new home, we are always here to provide advice or support and love to see our animals come back for a visit, or back to get another family member.


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