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Big Ears Animal Sanctuary is a sanctuary in the true sense of the word. We provide a safe haven for approximately 500 animals including pigs, cows, donkeys, sheep, goats, horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and cockatoo’s. The lucky animals that come to Big Ears after being abandoned, mistreated or from other circumstances become the ambassadors for their species allowing Big Ears to provide education in an inclusive environment that caters for people with disabilities and minority groups. Big Ears aims to challenge the way humans view and treat non-human animals.
Big Ears Animal Sanctuary is a registered deductible gift recipient charity and is founded and operated by vegan couple Brett and Jacqui Steele. Animals that call Big Ears their home live their lives here as do the co founders. It is a place of peace for the animals. The animals are treated equally and each animal is free to engage in its natural behaviours.
Big Ears Animal Sanctuary is not open to the public like a ‘zoo’, but has open days, tours and many educational programs available. Big Ears also runs vegan cooking classes.
The Sanctuary is reliant on the good will of others including donations of food, blankets and money. All money raised goes directly to the animals as no humans are paid at Big Ears.

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