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Beagle Rescue Victoria (“BRV”) is a registered charity, based in Melbourne, that rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes beagles in Victoria. 

The volunteers of BRV work full-time day jobs and run BRV in their spare time. They are all experienced beagle owners and know firsthand the joys – and the heartbreak – of having a hound around!

BRV’s beagles come into care through a variety of circumstances. Some beagles have been rescued from local pounds and shelters; others have been rescued from abusive situations such as puppy farms; whilst others are privately surrendered for re-homing.

BRV is devoted to the beagle breed and understands and appreciates their unique nature. And it’s because BRV understands the special qualities of beagles, that they are committed to finding the perfect home for each and every one.

BRV will also undertake to assist any ex breeding dogs that have been housed alongside beagles that come into our care and who may also require assistance in rehabilitating and rehoming.

Before placement into a new home, and without exception, all BRV beagles are:

– desexed, vaccinated and microchipped; 
– temperament tested; 
– treated for fleas, worms and heartworm; and 
– treated for known health issues and conditions.

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