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Bat Rescue Inc.

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Bat Rescue Inc.

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Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia

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Bat Rescue Inc is a non-profit volunteer organisation dedicated to the care and conservation of Australian Bats. We are based on the Sunshine Coast, with memberships across South East Queensland, Australia.

If you have found an injured, orphaned or sick bat, whether it be a microbat or a flying fox, please ring the Wilvos hotline on (07) 5441 6200 and they will give you phone numbers of bat carers in your neighbourhood.

Please do NOT touch any bats that you find. All of our Bat Carers are fully vaccinated and trained in rescue techniques. All Bats have the potential to carry the Australian Bat Lyssa Virus and if you are bitten or scratched by a bat, please let the bat carer know. The bat will have to be euthanised to be tested for Lyssa Virus. If the bat is positive for Lyssa Virus then you will have to undertake a series of rabies vaccinations immediately.

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