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BARN Brisbane Area Rescue Network

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BARN Brisbane Area Rescue Network

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Rocklea QLD, Australia

Organisation type

# To rescue, raise orphaned, rehabilitate sick/injured native animals and successfully return them to the wild, while adhering to the standards described in the code of practice – Care of Sick, Injured or Orphaned Protected Animals in Queensland, Nature Conservation Act 1992, Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

# To educate all sections of the community in understanding the needs of wildlife and preservation of their natural environment.

# To discourage exploitation of native animals and unnecessary development of any part of the natural environment.

# To participate in research into the development, behaviour and life history of native animals either during their raising in captivity, in conditions as close as possible to natural conditions, or in the wild, after their release.

# To encourage rational land use and proper planning of future development and use of the natural environment and management to ensure the provision of abundant release sites.

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