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APA – People for Animals


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Companion animal rescuers all over Australia contribute to the outcomes and future of millions of animals.

Your support for your local rescuer matters. By sponsoring your local rescue, volunteering or being involved you help generations of animals.

APA – People for Animals

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The APA is governed by a Board of Directors elected by key representative groups, including the National Advisory Council (NAC). There can be up to nine Board Directors, which includes provision for external non-physiotherapist directors. 

The role of the NAC is to advise the board on important and emerging matters relating to the physiotherapy profession and the association. The NAC comprises APA members who are presidents of branches or chairs of National Groups. Other NAC members include representatives of the student group, the rural and remote membership base, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Committee and the Australian College of Physiotherapists. 

The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) of the APA comprises its CEO and general managers across the divisions of finance, policy and government relations, brand and development, education, member engagement and people and culture. 

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