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Animal Welfare League NSW – Kemps Creek Shelter


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Animal Welfare League NSW – Kemps Creek Shelter

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Kemps Creek NSW, Australia

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We’ve made great progress towards this goal since joining ‘Getting to Zero’ in August 2011 by significantly increasing adoption rates and reducing euthanasia rates. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our staff, volunteers and branches we have been able to give more abandoned animals a second chance.

We do our very best to find every animal the home they deserve. Sadly, in some cases where animals are suffering untreatable health conditions or serious behavioural issues, euthanasia is carried out. We have professional and qualified veterinary and behaviour teams that provide thorough health checks and behavioural temperament tests for animals in our care, to ensure these decisions are made with great care.

We also utilise a multi-faceted approach that gives each animal every chance of finding a forever home – including rehoming through our shelters, our network of regional branches, volunteer foster carers, working with rescue groups, vet clinics and pet shop rehoming partners. Plus provide Behavioural Modification Plans to help rehabilitate animals where needed.

We will continue to strive to further reduce our euthanasia rates and to educate the community about the need for responsible pet ownership. We are determined to pave the way forward in reducing the unnecessary euthanasia of cats and dogs simply because they are homeless.

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