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Animal Trust Society


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Animal Trust Society

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QLD, Australia

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About this organisation

We are a group of volunteer individuals with the common cause of helping animals – all types, in all ways.

Animal Trust Society is a non-for-profit organisation that believes animals are our friends, our equals – and we aim to assist them by way of…


We have developed an Animal Education program to deliver in schools that aims to provide our future generations of the importance of animals; how to properly care for them; legal hot topics as well as cementing the kindness to animals in the future. The ATS School Education Program also has a strong focus on teaching students empathy, compassion and responsibility.

Community Assistance

We provide assistance to the community by holding Chip Check events (a free service where the public can attend and have their pets microchip checked and updated); assisting with basic animal care such as food and bedding; providing educational and financial assistance with microchipping, desexing and vaccinations; aiding those that require assistance with yard proofing and checking to ensure their pets are secure within the home and yard.

Lost and Found

Animal Trust Society aids in lost and found pets by scanning lost/found animals, assisting with returning to owners, providing education and assistance to help prevent further instances, emergency housing lost/found animals, transporting lost/found animals. We also work with other local groups that provide a similar service to ensure maximum ground is covered to assist lost/found pets.

Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation

Whilst our main aim within rescue is to aid and assist primary rescue groups, we offer limited positions to those animals in dire need that require housing, love and rehabilitation in order to be re-homed. We have training and behaviour members that assist, as well as a dedicated rehabilitation team member that works with emotionally and physically affected animals. These animals are medium to long care, depending on their condition – and have specific times and routines dedicated to just them to ensure a healthy and successful recovery. Homes for these rescue babes are selected very carefully, with a strict selection criteria required, due to the nature of the rehabilitation process. These babes are extra special and require and deserve extra special attention.

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