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Animal Rescues Appeal


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Animal Rescues Appeal

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Camperdown Victoria, Australia

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Animal Rescues Appeal Inc.
Charity ABN 17 184 710 395
Fundraiser Registration No. 13591
Our number one aim is to get as many donations to as many rescues, foster carers and shelters as possible, either by putting people in touch with their local rescues or shelters or by coordinating donations to make sure they end up where they are needed most.
We also hold regular auctions of donated and our own goods so that we can pay postage and buy the items rescues consider to be luxuries….New collars, new dog jumpers, flea combs, training clickers, Lysine for sick cats, Sasha’s Blend for the oldies…new crates..anything they need we try our very best to get it for them.
We also keep our eyes open for special deals, great prices and clearance stock- especially flea and worm medication, as these can be a huge drag on rescue funds.
Our page is not a place to post animals needing rescue. Please, if we allow one post, we will have to allow all posts and there are many other pages to share these beautiful furkids on.

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