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All Breeds Canine Rescue Inc


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All Breeds Canine Rescue Inc

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All Breeds Canine Rescue Inc. (ABC Rescue) is a Brisbane based Rescue.

We aim to maintain a healthy and responsible management plan for canines that have been displaced from their homes. We place all of our dogs into loving foster homes. We place the highest importance on enabling them to be happy and healthy in a loving foster home from the moment they arrive. 
Our dedicated foster carers help the canines to adjust to their new life whilst our team organise all necessary veterinary work to be carried out.

We believe in educating the public about responsible pet ownership by leading with example. All animals that come through our rescue are de-sexed in an effort to stop the cycle of unwanted litters of puppies. Advice is given to new owners to maintain the regime for their new pet. All of our canines are assessed for health, temperament, likes and dislikes in order to match them up with their most compatible new adoptive owners.

Through love, care and commitment we provide happy healthy partnerships of man and man’s best friend.

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