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Agapi’s Companion Bird Sanctuary- Let Companion Birds Fly


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Agapi’s Companion Bird Sanctuary- Let Companion Birds Fly

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Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza VIC, Australia

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For enquiries please EMAIL ONLY- [email protected]

Agapi’s Holistic Sanctuary is located in Melbourne, Australia, privately owned and run by me- Paris Yves Read. I rescue and adopt surrendered or abused birds from bird owners or pounds. I am in the in the process of setting up a national bird adoption/foster network to care for the never ending number of birds that need a loving and caring home environment.
If you are interested in surrendering your bird, adopting or fostering birds please email me at email [email protected] . In your email PLEASE include all your contact details, and all details regarding your bird you are surrendering or you wish to adopt, plus your experience with birds. I also request that you subscribe to my website for updates regarding adopting/surrendering birds- as it is impossible for me to reply to hundreds of people daily with their requests INDIVIDUALLY!
So you want me to rescue your companion bird?
I have sacrificed my life: time, energy, financial resources etc to care for your birds and others’ birds- I have chosen to care for companion birds in this way, because, I have an innate connection with birds and well……no one else will – not in the way I do- why? because you need to give up your holidays, work, social life, sleep ins and dedicate your time to bird care as your priority. And I love birds- with a passion and dedication.
Just like you, I have to pay for petrol and road tolls- so if I must pick up your bird, please consider the costs incurred- and if I ask for a small fee to cover my costs, e,g $50- I would appreciate the respect. I also ask if you can contribute, at least a one off donation, if not more regularly preferably, toward the care of your bird. I mean, money does not grow on trees right? If I spend 18 hours a day 7 days a week caring for your birds and others’ birds, then think about how many more hours I have to sleep/rest and work to earn an income to support myself, whilst prioritising my care for your birds.
So please respect and consider the time and money I spend to care for your bird and others’ birds. Please respect me and my life’s work, by considering donating toward the expensive care required for your bird. I am not a dumping ground for birds- so that you can get on with your life and have fun- I am here to support you, by adopting your bird, for your bird’s welfare- not for YOUR welfare. So kindly show me a tiny bit of respect, if not for your bird- and contribute something toward the exuberant costs, energy and efforts I contribute toward saving birds.
More about me:
Paris is a professionally qualified and experienced Holistic Counselllor (people) and Companion Bird/ Parrot Behaviourist. One of the many techniques she uses, including basic common sense and respect toward birds, including Applied Behaviour Analysis (used also with people by Counsellors/ Therapists) to help birds and for bird therapy. Paris’ passion and commitment has been to be the Voice for the Welfare of Companion Birds in Australia- along with the many supporters who share her same values for birds. Paris’ extensive personal and varied experiences and research of birds have led her to a remarkable and factual conclusion: “Birds have the same psychology as humans.” Birds feel the same as empathic people, in fact even more, birds develop the same physical and physiological diseases as people, birds think the same, if not more laterally, than people. Paris provides professional Bird Behaviour advice and general bird advice. Donations/fees go toward ‘Agapi’s Sanctuary’, as discussed below, to help save abandoned and surrendered parrots who are either adopted by Paris at the sanctuary or need to be rehomed. She is also a Bird Communicator/Whisperer and Reiki therapist for birds. She knows what birds think, how they feel and what they need to enhance their wellbeing. Her aim is to educate the Australian public and governments about Bird Behaviour/Psychology and to change the current perception that birds simply exist to be bred and the misconception that birds are not ‘smart’ or don’t deserve to be legally welfare protected. Birds are extremely intelligent and this is a world- wide known fact. But those who have a different view of birds for financial and ‘bird control’ purposes, i.e. bird breeders, bird sellers, bird owners, are desperate to convince themselves and others that it is acceptable to breed birds as slaves and sell them in any way they wish, which more than often includes breaches of the basic government codes of conduct and breaches of basic natural bird life rights. Paris has thousands of supporters globally who commend her educating the public and promoting Bird Behaviour and campaigning for bird welfare rights. Bird Welfare as absolutely imperative for the sanity and survival of the birds and their emotional and physiological wellbeing. Paris also owns, manages and maintains Agapi’s Sanctuary in Melbourne (Australia)- where she has rescued/adopted over 100 birds over the years who needed a loving home. All birds are called and treated as her loving, precious children. They receive love, care, personal attention and healing like no where else in Australia. The sanctuary is ‘bird heaven on earth’ for all the parrot children who Paris is blessed to come into her life. As Agapi’s Sanctuary is private funded, Paris asks the caring and empathic public to kindly consider supporting the sanctuary via https://www.chuffed.org/project/givecompanionbirdsavoice Paris is humbled and grateful for the support, team work and empathy she receives from many Australians and her followers from overseas. Please feel free to contact Paris via email at [email protected] . Kindly be patient whilst waiting for a reply as she receives thousands of emails daily. Thank you for your empathy and compassion for companion birds- they need your help desperately. www.letcompanionbirdsfly.com.au www.myfreewilljourney.com.au Melbourne, Australia
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Adoption process

Birds are the most sensitive and high maintenance sentient beings to care for- adopting or fostering a bird requires more care and patience than living with a person- it is a constant learning process and so my adoption criteria is very strict.